game day

It’s not even 8am and the helicopters are already circling overhead. Georgia Street is closing at noon in anticipation of the 5pm start of game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals. I intend to be nowhere near the masses. Setting up a viewing area in the garden would make an interesting combination of the anxiety of a must-win game and inner peace. Kind of like this very odd flower that has made an appearance in both the garden and in the front.

It hung out for a long time as a pod on a spindly stem. And then one day the pod started peeling back, and then soon after the separate stems and flowers open to reveal what I am now calling the fireworks flower. I want to oooh and aaahh. But I have no clue what sort of flower it really is.

I hope that the Canucks bring the fireworks tonight though.


3 thoughts on “game day

  1. Yet another mystery solved at Figaro’s Garden, this time from the Jedi Master Gardeners and their amazing page opening tricks. It seems to be something known as Ornamental Onion, because of its aroma, and whose latin name is Nectaroscordum Siculum or Allium Siculum (since it does seem to be part of the onion family). I don’t know know how I am going to cope with all these solved mysteries.

    • So why “Figaro’s Garden”? Does the opera come to visit and plant seeds or harvest potatoes, horseradish, etc.?


      • Figaro’s Garden is a nursery a few blocks away. They don’t have horseradish. But they do have lots of other plants!

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