fence building

I feel untoward pride at having built a (small) fence in the backyard, to replace the rotting plywood slotted in between some conduit tubing, that separated the yard from the alley. It’s not exactly perfect — I think I’d change the spacing of the slats and maybe anchor the posts in concrete rather than the spike/wedge anchors I used — but it works, and I built it! I’m going to cut off the bottom gap with a planting box in which there will be sunflowers. (I’ve got the cedar and the seeds, and just need the soil, and some hammering.)

Meanwhile, an array of herbs have gone in: thyme, tarragon, oregano, dill, cilantro, parsley, sorrel, and dill, and there is still the sage and rosemary. The peas and beans are coming up, as are the radishes, spinach, lettuces and beets. And I’ve planted leeks and kale. Still have tomatoes to put in, and likely some more greens of various kinds. The fig tree looks to bear fruit this year too!




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