game day

It’s not even 8am and the helicopters are already circling overhead. Georgia Street is closing at noon in anticipation of the 5pm start of game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals. I intend to be nowhere near the masses. Setting up a viewing area in the garden would make an interesting combination of the anxiety of a must-win game and inner peace. Kind of like this very odd flower that has made an appearance in both the garden and in the front.

It hung out for a long time as a pod on a spindly stem. And then one day the pod started peeling back, and then soon after the separate stems and flowers open to reveal what I am now calling the fireworks flower. I want to oooh and aaahh. But I have no clue what sort of flower it really is.

I hope that the Canucks bring the fireworks tonight though.


old and new

There’s lots of work going on around here these days — around the garden but not quite in it (and that’s a good thing). The house is getting a paint job.

 The bath room is getting a door. 

But also there is a nice surprise coming up. I thought they were weeds. But they’re not. They’re:

these beautiful things. What are they?


One of the first mysteries of the garden was this:

what is it? a weed?

I had no idea what it was (it was a lot smaller when I started wondering). And then it started growing. And smelling. And the smell seemed familiar. And then I realized what the smell was: horseradish!

This was confirmed by this (shamelessly stolen from google images):

  and this: .

I have a huge horseradish plant in my backyard. I have no idea how to harvest horseradish, other than digging and pulling up. And I don’t have much of an idea what to do with it once I manage to dig it up. But it is kind of neat to have horseradish in the backyard. Just in case. And is there anything to do with the greens?